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Kristine Dandavino, owner and coach at Oshawa Piano and Vocal Academy believes that anyone can learn how to play piano and sing

Where words fail, music speaks. Learn more!

Meet Kristine Dandavino, she teaches piano and singing lessons in Oshawa for children, adolescents and adults.

Kristine’s teaching philosophy is based on body, mind, and emotional awareness. Learning how to sing and/or play piano can provide long lasting benefits in all aspects of life. Music has healing properties. She strongly believes that anyone can learn how to play piano and sing! Kristine is a member in good standing with The Ontario Registered Music Association and The National Association of Teachers of Singing. 

Please reach out, Kristine is looking forward to helping you on your musical journey!

Kristine Dandavino

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The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.
– BB King

Why choose Kristine Dandavino?

She offers professional services

Kristine is a Registered Music Teacher in good standing with Ontario Registered Music Teacher Association.

She's an award winner

An award-winning vocal and piano coach Kristine Dandavino is a graduate of the University of Ottawa.

Her students are going places

Several students have moved on to be professional musicians, won awards, scholarships, work in film/tv, and more.

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